Thank you Boxborough!

Boxborough votes YES to conserve 95 & 105 Sargent Road!

An overwhelming win for conservation!  At Annual Town Meeting on May 10th with just a few votes shy of unanimous, Boxborough made the decision to conserve this valuable prime wooded upland.  It was so moving to see the town come together to support the purchase of 95-105 Sargent Rd.  Thank you so much to all of the neighbors, friends, and supporters who contributed funds, spread the word, and spoke passionately about saving this land!

We are working with Sudbury Valley Trustees (SVT), and the Boxborough Conservation Commission to assist with the next steps to complete the purchase which includes the assignment of the Right of First Refusal to SVT and the LAND grant application.  We will provide updates on the Town’s process as they become available.

UPDATE: The Town has been awarded the LAND Grant for $400,000 towards the acquisition of 95-105 Sargent Rd! Many thanks to all of the stakeholders involved for making this happen!

Martin Flohr photo