Board of Directors

The BCTrust Board of Directors are elected by the BCTrust membership for three-year terms at the BCTrust Annual Meeting of Members.  The President, Treasurer, and Clerk are elected by the Board of Directors for one-year terms.

The BCTrust Board currently consists of the following members:

Rita Grossman, President
Tom Bieber, Treasurer
Becky Harris, Clerk
Dave Barnett
Karla Briggs
Scott Bundy
Liz Caldwell
Alex Kerin
Geoffrey Osmun

The BCTrust is always in need of volunteers who can contribute their skills to advance its mission.

The BCTrust is exceptionally thankful for all past board members. You can see a timeline of board members here.

Send us email to if you are interested in volunteering with the BCTrust. Let us know how you would like to contribute!