Boxborough Invasive Focus: Japanese Knotweed


This is the second in a series of posts concerning invasive plant control in town.

Just down the road from the Garlic Mustard on Depot is a large patch of Knotweed. Listed as one of the world’s worst invasives, it frequently takes over roadside areas, crowding out native plants, and destroying roads and drains. Its rhizomes can spread 20′ out and cut stems will quickly re-root, so proper disposal is important.


Cutting it can eventually exhaust the plant’s energy supplies, but it often re-establishes itself. Digging it out can limit spread and eventually result in its removal. Herbicide application seems to be the most effective, but the town has no licensed applicator.

This is another invasive that you’ll begin to see everywhere – Steele Farm on the south side of Middle, all around Town Hall, and so on. Keep a look out for it on your property and decide what action you want to take.IMG-5257