New Geocaches in Inches Woods

I’m pleased to see that there are two new Geocaches that were placed in Inches Woods (plus a third bonus cache) in late October. Given how often I’m back there, I’m surprised I haven’t spotted them by accident.

If you haven’t heard about geocaching, there are millions of ‘caches’ hidden all across the world by individuals – in the center of New York city, Antarctica, and even Boxborough. Using just your phone, or a dedicated GPS device, participants can search out these caches. It’s a nice way to discover new trails, and a great excuse to get outside. The video below does a great job of explaining it.

By my rough count we have 64 (!) caches in Boxborough alone, and about 10 on BCtrust land. Some are simple caches – find the box and you’re done, others are multi-caches where you find stages leading up to the final, and some you have to solve puzzles ahead of time to work out the correct coordinates.  We even have an earth-cache – a cache without an actual box that’s at the site of a notable geological feature – you’ve guessed it, the Esker.

The new Inches Woods’ caches can be found here and here. Sign up for an account at Geocaching if you’re interested in finding these and others.


Alex Kerin