BCTrust Volunteers

Many people have helped the BCTrust over the years. Here’s a list (hopefully complete..) of everyone who has helped in a non-board capacity (it includes some board members who were helping on ancillary projects). Thank you for your work!

Common Ground:


  • Sam Fisk
  • Tara Zantow
  • Michelle Brosnahan, Co-Editor
  • Jesse Floyd, Co-Editor
  • Lynn Stahlberg
  • Laura Skorczeski, editor
  • Bradford Gray
  • Tom Bieber
  • Lynn Horsky

Graphic Design and Layout

  • Catherine Christensen
  • Anna Bograd
  • Kirsten Holmes
  • Lynn Stahlberg
  • Laura Skorczeski
  • Rita Grossman
  • Lynn Horsky


  • Pamela DeGemmis
  • Tammy MacFadyen, special projects


  • Glynis Hamel
  • Bradford Gray

Website and Technical

  • Simon Bunyard (with help from Ben Hood, AB Senior)
  • Eric Tornstrom
  • Fred Dushin
  • Alex Kerin

Blanchard Memorial Elementary School Contest Coordinators

Art Contests

  • Ken Fabian
  • Rita Grossman
  • Margot Dushin
  • Jessica Eichelburg
  • Pam Fleming
  • Charlet Mallet

Writing Contests

  • Tara Zantow
  • Kathy Luce